74% of adults in England support the Government’s goal to reduce smoking prevalence to below 5% by 2030.

Breathe works together on ten high impact actions in which local areas can continue to drive down smoking prevalence in their communities and reduce the many health, social and economic costs of smoking.

Source: ash.org.uk/resources

The ten high impact actions are:

  1. 1. Prioritise health inequalities
  2. 2. Work in partnership
  3. 3. Support every smoker to quit
  4. 4. Communicate the harms and the hope
  5. 5. Promote harm reduction
  6. 6. Tackle illicit tobacco
  7. 7. Promote smokefree environments
  8. 8. Enable young people to live smokefree
  9. 9. Set targets to drive progress
  10. 10. Protect and promote progressive tobacco control policy

Around 60%

of smokers want to quit, 10% of whom intend to do so within 3 months

280 children

under the age of 16 start smoking every day in England

200 people

die each day from smoking in England

To achieve smokefree the government should adopt the additional recommendations from the Kahn review:

  • Urgently invest £125 million per year in interventions to reach smokefree 2030, and make smoking obsolete, addressing the health disparities smoking creates.
  • Raise the age of sale of tobacco from 18, by one year, every year, until no one can buy a tobacco product in this country.
  • Substantially raise the cost of tobacco duties across all tobacco products
  • Introduce a tobacco licence for retailers to limit where tobacco is available.
  • Enhance local illicit tobacco enforcement by investing additional funding of £15 million per year to local trading standards.
  • Reduce the appeal of smoking by radically rethinking how cigarette sticks and packets look.
  • Invest an additional £70 million per year into ‘stop smoking services’, ringfenced for this purpose.
  • Invest £15 million per year in a well-designed national mass media campaign, supported by targeted regional media.
  • Invest £15 million per year to support pregnant women to quit smoking in all parts of the country.
  • Invest £8 million to ensure regional and local prioritisation of stop smoking interventions through ICS leadership.
  • Invest £2 million per year in new research and data.

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