Breathe supports health professionals, decision makers and anyone committed to seeing the next generation of children born and raised in a place free from tobacco.

Through resources and information we’re empowering others to make smoking obsolete across Yorkshire and the Humber, reducing tobacco related health inequalities.

Around 60%

of smokers want to quit, 10% of whom intend to do so within 3 months

280 children

under the age of 16 start smoking every day in England

200 people

die each day from smoking in England

Smoking is the single biggest cause of preventable death and disease, in the UK there are about 6.9 million adult smokers which is round 14.1% of the population. Evidence shows that if people don’t start using tobacco by age 26, they probably never will however in 2020 15.7% of 16–24 year olds smoke.

Smoking is the risk factor that contributes most to inequality in health outcomes. It is a major driver of the gap in life expectancy and healthy life expectancy.

By working together, supporting government policy and generating more conversations around smoking we can make smoking obsolete.

Join 1614 others committed to End Smoking Together.